Jamiyyath Salaf is a non-profit organization in the Maldives, which is actively involved in spreading the true message of Islam and serving the nation through education, charity and social work. The NGO was registered at Ministry of Home Affairs in the year 2006 and, since then, we have been conducting various programmes to strengthen the Islamic faith in the hearts of the Muslims in the country.

Our aims:

  • Detect the attacks of those who wage war against Islam, create awareness and alert the public about these attacks.
  • Defend Islam and strive for its victory.
  • Revive the spirit of Islam throughout the Maldives.
  • Create religious awareness among the public.
  • Instill love for Islam in the hearts of the youth.
  • Instruct and guide people who have become miserable and confused with their lives.
  • Help to develop educational and disciplinary qualities of Maldivian children.
  • Do social activities within the boundary of Islam.

Our motto:

The hadit of رَسُولُ اللهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم “اَلدِّيْنُ النَّصِيْحَة”: “Religion is sincere advice”.


Our programmes and activities:

From conducting regular religious lectures and TV programmes to publishing books and leaflets on Islam, Jamiyyath Salaf invests time and energy to circulate authentic teachings of Islam throughout the Maldives to clear misconceptions about the religion. Apart from that, in order to improve the social fabric of the nation, we offer counselling to resolve marital problems and run programmes for the youth trapped in the claws of drug addiction. Our scope is not limited to the Maldives in the sense that we also bring renowned international Islamic scholars to lecture and conduct workshops in the country.


Sheikh Abdulla bin Muhammad Ibrahim

President of Scholars Council

Sheikh Ahmad Sameer

Marketing Officer

Ali Rameez

Administrative Officer

Ahmad shareef